Lady Swamp

from by Injector



There was a time
when all the breave men run
to catch the spark
that arose between their minds.
One day
one of them arrived
to a place where forever
he will remain.

And she saw through his heart.

[A] It's the darkest sword you'll wield
Happiness with the cold steel
that will drown down you in pain and fear.
And we called her Lady Swamp

He fought and fought
for his golden goal,
step by step
falling in a deep well.

And the final look
dazzled him with love.
Deathly spikes smothered
the hope again.

And she saw through his hart.


Eternal voice, take me,
take my life or it will dissapear
through the blackened curtains,
covers of my fears.
Caress the floor with your red threads
and touch the seed of the forgotten feel.
Taste the fake, the only thing
that will prevail.

And we marched,
we run away,
from those bastard moors
that so many lifes got.
But I tell you,
I will go back,
for I am the one
who cross the Swamp.

And she saw throguh his heart.


Red smile is all they see.
Rip their veins and you will feel
the burning touch of a blind fear.
And we called her Lady Swamp.


from Harmony of Chaos, released August 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Injector Cartagena, Spain

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